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My name is Hoi Choudhury and I am a world traveler, hiker, travel guide and blogger.  Me and my hubby – Snehangshu, who is a graphic designer, vlogger, photographer and my permanent travel mate are on a joint mission of voyaging through the world while documenting our journey to share exclusive travel stories, tips and tricks with all the fellow explorers out there! I manage this travel blog “Life of Hoi” and my hubby runs a really cool video blogging YouTube channel by the name “Snehpic”.

Since last 10 years I have been thoroughly enjoying my career as a human resource manager and a corporate travel planner, and thought that my experience of being an on-the-desk travel guide should go beyond the walls of my office. Traveling has always been more than a passion to me. I have completed my graduations in Tourism & Travel Management back in 2008 and since then there was no stopping. The day I have decided that whatever it takes, I would explore the world… my life has changed. It has given me a brand new perspective on life. Transiting through different places, varied cultures and diverse languages taught me more empathy, more kindness and certainly gave me more friends!

We stay with our fur-kid Pablo 🙂 in the heritage city of Hyderabad, India presently and we are severely bitten by the travel bug and in no state of settling down at one place 🙂 🙂

I hope that you enjoy my storytelling and we stay connected through our common points of interest and passion! Peace!


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