Thanks for visiting my site!! My name is Hoi Choudhury. I presently stay in the heritage city of Hyderabad, India with my hubby, Snehangshu, who is a graphic designer, photographer and my permanent travel mate. Oh! Also our pet dog, Pablo 🙂

I am a professional in Travel Management, Human Resources and Corporate Operations.  Apart from that I am a writer by passion and an avid traveler, fueled by the dream of voyaging through every corners of our wonderful world.

Since last 10 years I have been thoroughly enjoying my carrier as a corporate travel planner and thought that my experience of being a travel guide should go beyond the walls of my office. Thus “Life of Hoi” was conceived.  This is a travel blog where I would keep sharing the stories of our trips and give exclusive travel tips and tricks.

Traveling has always been more than a passion to me. I have completed my graduations in Tourism & Travel Management back in 2008 and since then there was no stopping. The day I have decided that whatever it takes, I would travel the world… my life has changed. Traveling through the world has given me a brand new perspective on life. Transiting through different places, varied cultures and diverse languages taught me more empathy, more kindness and certainly gave me more friends.

I truly believe that if we all travel more, we would also be able to share more kindness, love, empathy and friendship with each other and we could make the world a better place for us and our future generation.

I hope that you enjoy my storytelling and we stay connected through our common points of interest and passion! Peace!

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