Top 5 Travel Tips For Vietnam

The iconic Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Located on the eastern most side of the Indo-China Peninsular of South-East Asia, Vietnam is a country filled with stunning landscapes, exotic natural wonders, rich cultural heritage and monumental history. This time our trip to Vietnam was very different. Because we took a detour this time, through the rough roads, away from the touristy hustle-bustles. We travelled from the south to north Vietnam, motorbiking through the rural areas and interacted with the real country and its people – so loving and always smiling, so interested in foreigners yet so autonomous and self-esteemed. This country has risen from the ashes of a horrific warfare and political devastation, yet is standing wise and strong, greeting the world with open arms. Surely, one cannot stop falling in love with Vietnam!

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Amsterdam – Part II – The City of Choices

Amsterdam city in early October

Welcome back to beautiful Amsterdam – a city that never ceases to amaze! In my last blog “Amsterdam – Part I – The Ultimate Travel Guide” we have been discussing about all the important facts you need to know before getting there and staying there. In this blog I would concentrate more on the character of the city. This is a chameleon city that changes its colour with every traveller’s very own choice and perspective. And that is what we loved the most about Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam – Part I – The Ultimate Travel Guide

One of the many beautiful canals and it’s adjacent street , Amsterdam

Beautiful, captivating, free… wondering what is a perfect word to describe Amsterdam – the city that reigns every traveler’s bucket list! Amsterdam has earned it’s fame not only for it’s pretty looking cobblestone streets alongside an extensive number of neatly carved canals, but also for the rich history, art and culture that it carries, and never the less for the progressive, free-spirited, off-the-hook lifestyle that it offers.

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Bali – The island of divinity, beauty and wonderful people

Rice Terrace
The iconic Rice Terrace, Bali

Bali emerged as one of the most popular travel destinations of the world in recent times. A small Indonesian island amidst the enormous beryl Indian Ocean, with its span of 5780 square kilometres of rugged volcanic landscape is the home to two active volcanoes, capacious stretch of beautiful beaches, rain forest, lush-fertile rice terraces, Mangrove pockets and approximately 20,000 Hindu temples. The most amazing part of being in Bali is that all the different townships here have different types of landscapes yet have a very deep-rooted, intrinsic cultural identity.

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Travel Thailand – A Quick Guide

Ao Nang beach, Thailand

Thailand is a traveler’s paradise and one of most popular travel destinations in South-east Asia. Famous for it’s budget friendly lifestyle, Thailand has earned a position in the bucket-lists of nearly all digital nomads and backpackers. While it is economic, Thailand also offers some world-class travel experiences such as stunning beaches, amazing diving and underwater experience, adventure-sports activities, lush green tropical forests, crazy nightlife and mouthwatering food!

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The Unparalleled Rome, Part I – A Quick Guide

The Colosseum, Rome

Of all the famous phrases that we have learnt in school, one of the most memorable was “Rome wasn’t built in a day”… This adage is nothing to depict the actual vastness of Rome as a city! The rich essence of history and the indwelling remains of art, culture, architecture and religion branded Rome as legendary and huge. So did the crowd!

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Szentendre – An adorning Hungarian town of art and culture

Top view of the town, Szentendre

The famous Danube with a pretty blue sky above it, the colourful old houses, the cobblestone streets, the artists at work on the bright pavements, the happy little art shops, the dramatic old Churches and the ever smiling faces around… you cannot get enough of Szentendre! If you are an artist, art lover or a photographer… you should not miss Szentendre when you travel to Hungary. Continue reading “Szentendre – An adorning Hungarian town of art and culture”

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